The Golden Rule for Public Speaking | Media Training

Those of you who know me know that I’m not exactly a fan of religions, but the so-called Golden Rule “do unto others that which you would have them do unto you” strikes me as a great moral principle for most speakers and business presenters.

When I ask people throughout the world what they hate in public speakers, I hear this:

“Someone who reads a powerpoint, head down, lots of bullet points, no audience interaction–that’s what I hate!”

And yet that same person will then stand up in one of my presentation training courses and proceed to do the exact things he just told me he hated.


If you don’t like people giving you a boring data dump, then don’t stand up and give a boring data dump when it is your turn to speak.

If you don’t like reading fine print on blurry PowerPoint slides 30 feet away, then don’t show fine print on blurry PowerPoint slides to your audience 30 feet away.

If you don’t like complex abstractions delivered in a monotone fashion, then don’t deliver complex abstractions in a monotone fashion.

The next time you hear a boring, tedious public speaker, ask yourself, “is this how I treat my audience?”

If so, it is time to REPENT!

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