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Imagine that you cooked your spouse or significant other a very nice breakfast everyday for the past week. Suddenly, you fall sick and ask your spouse to fix you some toast as they are standing right next to the toaster. How would you feel if they told you, “Well, I don’t know much about technology or toasters so here is a plain piece of bread!”?

Would you find that convincing or would you say, “What technology? You are just being lazy! Just put the bread in, push down the button, and wait for it to pop up.” Truth be told, a toaster is a piece of technology and it is strange for those who have never used it before. But now, it has become so commonly used that we expect people to know how to use it. The same has happened to technology in public speaking as well.

I encounter people all the time who say that they are not a technology person so they cannot do even a single video talking on the cell phone. If you need to address a larger audience, just get a mic. If you need to project out your slides, just do it.

You do not need to have gone to a technology institution for six years to be capable of using speaking tech. What you do need is a little time and work to figure out what is right and what you need. Anytime you speak, there will always be certain technology that will enhance the process. Practice with them to use them effectively.

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