How to Dress for a Virtual Speech | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

How should you dress when you are giving a speech virtually? These days, it has become quite easy to give a speech through YouTube, Zoom, or Skype.

You should look to dress in a manner which does not distract or annoy viewers. I typically dress in a simple black shirt because it is a very clean look. It is not too formal as it would be if I wore a dress shirt and a tie and it isn’t too casual either.

So avoid wearing clothes with too many stripes, wild colors, or unusual designs as it will be distracting. When it comes to colors, red can bleed, white can make you appear too bright- so essentially the same principles apply here as they did for TV appearances. The only difference is that you need to make sure that you feel comfortable.

You may choose to stand barefoot on a hard floor as you record, but you may end up hurting your feet after a while. So here is a secret I am sharing with you: I wear Crocs when I am recording videos! I wouldn’t want you to see me wearing that when I give a virtual speech but usually the position of the camera makes it so you cannot see what I am wearing from the waist down.

So dress for comfort for yourself. In this way, if you have to speak for longer than anticipated or if you are getting tired for some reason, it will not matter as you will feel comfortable regardless.

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