The future of online training

I have created two entirely new online training courses-one for public speaking training and one for media training.

The courses are in final beta stage and I wanted to share them at NO COST to you.

Why am I doing this? Many of you have been great clients over the years and I really want to hear your feedback, especially as you compare the online training versus in-person training you have received from me.

My goal is simple, I want to create the best online courses in the world to help people build their communication skills, courses that get as close as possible to the results my clients get after spending a whole day of in-person training with me.

I’ve created and marketed online training courses since the late 1990s and frankly, they’ve never been that effective.

The reasons?

One, online students don’t record themselves and watch video of themselves speaking (the way they do in an in-person training with me), so they don’t learn how to improve.

Two, without feedback and the ability to ask questions to an instructor in a live format, the whole experience doesn’t seem meaningful to clients.

In my new courses, I’ve attempted to solve both problems.

One, after every exercise, there is a plug-in video recorder that allows you to do your practice exercise on video without having to leave the course page, go to YouTube or some other platform.

Two, every single course purchase will include 2 live video groups sessions with me. (These will be group sessions on the first Monday of each month). In these live sessions, I will be able to interact with students and give specific critiques of videos submitted.

I’m hoping these two innovations make a world of difference to people and help clients get results that are closer to those who work with me live and in-person.

But I don’t really know. That’s why I’d like your help.

If you enter these two courses, I believe you will learn and benefit a great deal, even if it serves just as a refresher for those of you who have gone through my in-person courses. (Or you may wish to share with a colleague in your organization)

And I won’t be charging you anything.

But…(you knew there must be a catch)

I will be asking you for constructive criticism if you do sign up for the courses. I will want to know what you like and don’t like about the courses. Are there errors, discontinuities, or things that don’t make sense? I will want your suggestions on improvements.

Also, I need you to know this offer comes with a very specific time constraint. This free pass expires in 7 days.

After that, you won’t be able to sign up for the full course or access the materials even if you are already enrolled without re-enrolling at the full normal price ($495).

So if you are interested in learning from these courses at no charge, and creating a win-win for both of us, please sign up today and dive in quickly.

If you have any other suggestions for me on how I can make online presentation skills training even more effective for you or your organization, please contact me directly at



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