Advanced Public Speaking Tip of the Day: Be in the Moment | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Here’s your advanced public speaking tip of the day: be in the moment. Be right here, in the moment as you speak.

What do I mean by that? So many speakers when speaking seem to be comfortable and confident, they have good eye contact and gestures, but there is just something in them that looks almost like a staged actor giving a performance. You can tell that they are thinking about what they want to say three seconds from now to make it smooth. You can tell that they are trying to remember what to say.

Great speakers do not do that. They will pause, they will use the same tones that they use while having a normal conversation with one person. In order to do that, in my experience, you have to have practiced, you have to have talked about the subject a lot, you have to have a deep expertise. You must not be trying to remember all the words in the exact set or format.

You should be focusing on your ideas and feeling so comfortable in your skin on the stage that you can think and talk at the same time. Now, if you have not done this a lot, then this is a great reason for you to start practicing on video. It is also a very good reason for you to start speaking more often as the more you speak in front of people, the less likely you are to be afraid of doing so.

That does not mean you should wing it. You should be aware of your main points and stories and be comfortable enough to go up there and speak in a conversational way.

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