Don’t Always Make Yourself the Hero of the Story | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Did I ever tell you about how wonderful I am? Big mistake that many speakers make.

Now, it is good to tell stories and it is good to tell stories where you are personally involved and it is not just third party regurgitated stories or matter that has been repeated many times. However, be careful about making yourself a star or the hero. When I tell a story, it is to show how I make mistakes and other people can learn from it.

When I am doing media training, I tell people a story about how I was fired when I said something wrong to a reporter. I will tell stories about how I froze on live TV when the host of the show pulled a gun on me. These are the stories that show how I am like everyone else rather than the hero- I can make mistakes and screw up but I can make an effort to overcome it and so can you.

So give stories and personal examples, but be careful of making yourself out to be the superhero of every story you tell to the point you begin to seem like saint who can do no wrong which- let’s admit it- none of us are.

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