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Here is your presentation tip of the day: when you are speaking to a small group- let us say a group of ten people or less- and you are talking about your area of expertise or giving a sales pitch to your company, ask lots and lots of questions. The more the total minutes of talk time are not you and the people you are speaking to instead, the smarter they will think you are. The more interesting they will think your speech or presentation was.

If you have been given a tight time limit of 40 minutes and it is a keynote address to a thousand people, you cannot do it like that. I understand that circumstances change and it has to be specific to the situation. But the fewer people there are, the more you can make it a discussion. In that way, your audience will think more of you as a great speaker and a great communicator.

So you have to reduce the amount of content you are trying got push out and focus more on the joint experience of the people in the room. Do that and they will be eating out of your hand. They will want to ask more questions to you afterwards and it will get them hooked, for starters.

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