Are you credible?

A part of your message and your ability to communicate effectively through the media is based on who you are as a person. Are your credible? Are you legitimate? Do you have the character needed to be considered legitimate in the area you are discussing?

The media and the public can be very fickle and inconsistent on the issue of credibility. Case in point: June 23, 2010.

Item: Former NFL great Tiki Barber was fired from his job as a reporter for NBC’s Today show because of the scandal of him cheating on his wife with a 23 yr old former intern.

Item: General Stanley McCrystal was fired by President Obama for saying dumb things to a rolling Stones reporter, including having an aide call the National Security Adviser a “clown.”

Item: Disgraced former governor Elliot Spitzer, who was run out of office for cavorting with high-paid prostitutes, was hired by CNN to host a prime time news show.

It’s not necessarily fair or consistent but this is how the media operate. If you want to be safe, you need to safeguard your reputation at all times. The Elliot Spitzer path to media success is not the norm and should not be your role model!

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