Media bias is a very real and prominent thing. It exists and is observable as left wing bias, right wing bias, corporate bias, institutional bias, amongst many other types. This is because the media is made of human beings all of whom are naturally harboring some kind of bias. There is no such thing as a truly objective individual. But rather than whining and complaining about this bias that everyone faces, i recommend you to spend more time making sure you have interesting messages and sound bites so you can get the quotes that you want.

Case in point, Ann Coulter, the conservative commentator. She has had mainstream media coverage in places like the New York Times, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN over the last couple of decades, but is it because every editor and producer at these firms agrees with her conservative views? No. But she gets coverage because she gives interesting quotes and speaks in sound bites.

Despite major outlets being opposed to her views, Ann Coulter still achieves success over media because it has nothing to do with biased reporters, either in favor or against you. If you have interesting messages and quotes you can still get stories that you want out there. If you look at the 2016 presidential race, the first year of Donald Trump’s campaign, from the time it was announced until a year later, he received a tremendous amount of news coverage which approximately 10 times as much as his opponents. This was not because all of the members of the mainstream media agreed with him on everything. But they gave him coverage and quotes because he was consistently interesting in spoken sound bites and that helped him destroy primary opponents and connect with voters who liked his message.

So don’t just whine about political bias; get out there, have a clear cut message, communicate with people in a provocative way and you can get your message across any media outlet.

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