Everyone does presentations, but not everyone does a great one. So what is the number one missing ingredient in most presentations? It is quite simple: a specific ask.

most people make one of two flaws: they either are so general, vague and fuzzy that the audience is sort of confused as they don’t know what the speaker wants them to do. Or they end up being incredibly greedy, asking the audience to do ten things at once. A good example of the latter can be found on Facebook and Youtube all the time, with people signing off by saying ‘like my page, subscribe to me, leave a comment, like the video’. This string of tasks only serves to discourage people from performing even one from the list that you have provided them and thus negatively affects your efforts and image.

For example, I would ask of my audience only one thing at a time; like leaving a comment. I ask my audience to leave a comment below my video and do nothing else. I am not asking them to like my page, or share it, or review it, or roll into my workshop to pay me a visit. No, i am only asking them to leave a comment on my video or post.

The comment can be anything- it can be your opinion on my videos, it can be feedback on my previous campaigns and posts, or it can be suggestions and recommendations for my future videos so i can tailor them to your needs. Don’t just watch or simply leave a like, leave a comment on the length of my videos or give input on the quality- i will read it and respond to it.

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