Many people struggle to come up with an attractive and attention grabbing beginning to their presentation or speech. Do you want to know the trick behind it? Well, here it is: say something interesting!

You may think that this is a mundane point, but if you begin to take note, you will conclude that most people never do that. They feel that as they begin with their speech or presentation, they must first start with a detailed introduction of themselves so they can form a connection with the audience. In fact, just giving an expected, long, and boring introduction to yourself just leads to your audience feeling disconnected and disinterested in your speech and subsequently, your message.

They start by outlining their plan for the speech or presentation as in, before i start, let me tell you about the boring history of my company and my credentials. NO! There is absolutely no need for you to start in a defensive manner in hopes of earning the trust of the audience. That is a very weak and boring beginning that will only serve to detach you and your audience. The best strategy is to simply start by saying something that is interesting and actually useful to those listening. Naturally, once their interest has peaked, they will want to know more about you.

Rather than force feeding them information they are not interested in, let them come to you for more.

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