FIFA Official Cites “Onion” Article in His Defense | Media Training

FIFA Official Cites “Onion” Article in His Defense | Media Training

In general, it’s a good thing to read and listen to all criticism sent your way. And it is a good thing to respond to criticism. But in this era of internet jokesters, you’ve got to check your sources!

Jack Warner is a former president of FIFA, the world’s soccer governing body. On Sunday he posted a video defending himself while citing quotes from the satirical online newspaper The Onion. The Onion piece was obviously a joke to anyone who read it even half-carefully.

Warner later removed his video, edited out all parts to the Onion, then re-uploaded it, as if he were sneaking one by us. This too was roundly mocked and ridiculed.

If you are a celebrity or a criminal associated with a well-known organization, not only are you going to be criticized, but you will be mocked. Yes, you must respond to the criticism. But you don’t have to respond to the mockery.

FIFA has plenty of other real problems these days, beyond their PR problems. But an incident like this further amplifies the notion that FIFA is filled with clueless fools who are so totally immersed in the world of corruption and bribery that they bristle at the idea of anyone and everyone who dares question them.

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