How to Look Your Best, Speak Effectively on Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout?

We live in an era when it is never been easier to communicate digitally. You can pick up the phone. You can text people, send an email. You can call but we are still human beings. We are programmed biologically, culturally to trust people more when we can look them in the eye. That is why I believe that when you have an important conversation with a client, a customer, a prospect it is better to do it where they can see you. Now you might be in a different city, different country but that does not mean you cannot communicate with them seeing you. I am of course talking about things like Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google hangouts.

I am sure you have used it and people have asked you to do it before but is it your default? I believe that should be your default mode of communication. Not just for a big special occasion but anytime you really want to connect with someone. It is so much more powerful than a simple audio call. Now here is the reason I think most people do not is they have looked at themselves on Skype video before and they think “oh I look awful!” Well why is that? Let’s take a look at the typical setup. Joanna if you could show the laptop where I am here. The laptop is on a table and it is much lower. The camera on the top of the screen is right about there. So it is much, much lower than my face. So Joanna go ahead where the table is, lower yourself. Here is the typical angle someone is (even lower) that is the typical angle someone is when they are doing Skype video. See how you are looking up my nose. You see how unflattering that is. That is the problem with the way most people do Skype. No one looks good when there is a camera up their nose from a weird angle.

Go ahead and come back up. Here is a key it is a simple yet high-tech solution for how you can look more professional. When you see someone on a TV network or local newscast and they call professional in their studio. It is partially because the camera lens is a couple of inches above their eyes. Now how do you do that when you do not have your own professional TV studio. Well here is a really quick easy fix. Just get a stack of books take your laptop (by the way a little product placement here) but you can use any book. I am going to put my laptop right on top of it. Now the lens of the camera is just an inch or two above my eye. This way it is much more flattering. So the angle is more like it is right. Now this looks more like a professional newscast and not looking up my nose. So please keep that in mind with Skype. You do not have to go out and get a new budget. You do not to get more money just put your video camera if it is on a laptop or an iPad on a stack of books you wanted a couple of inches above your eye.

Now here is the other thing that makes people look horrible in Skype video. Join if you can follow me around the typical scenario is (and come over on this side.) You are in your office your laptop is here you have a window behind you. When you are shooting into the window that is the brightest thing on the screen. What you really want is your face to be the brightest thing. This darkens out my face. It is going to make anyone look literally and figuratively shady. So light in front of you not behind you. If you have windows just turn yourself around so the light from outside is on you. If there is no natural light. Make sure you have some lights in front of you. Very, very important!

 okay let’s come back so we have decent lighting. You could come back over here. You can look your best and come across comfortable, confident, relaxed, anytime you are communicating on Skype video, Zoom, Google hangouts. If you do just a couple of things one as I mentioned camera at eye level. Two more light in front of you. Three make sure you are looking at the camera because if the camera is here and you are looking down at the image of the person. It looks weird. You look like you are lost. You can look scared. Remember they can see you, the person you are speaking to. So you do not want to be staring at your notes the whole time also this is especially important for new business meetings or perhaps a job interview. You want to move. Get rid of papers, pens from your hands. Move your hands. You will come across much, more comfortable, confident and relaxed. I am TJ walker. Thanks for joining me for these communication tips.  Oh! By the way I do have a brand new course on personal productivity that I think you might enjoy that employs some of these techniques. So I will include a link below check it out

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