How to find your signature story and how to find an interesting story for your presentation?

Finding Your Signature Story File

You have probably heard that great professional keynote speakers have a signature story but guess what? You should have a signature story too. Even if you do not want to be the next Anthony Robbins. People who are really successful get good at recounting how they started their career. How they started their business. What their motivations are.

Again I am not talking about professional speakers. But think of someone like Steve Jobs bill gates mark Zuckerberg. You know their story. Mark Zuckerberg had an entire movie made about his founding story when he created Facebook. Now it does not have to be that dramatic. It does not have to be a Hollywood movie but you need some story you can tell that gives people a sense of who you are. Why you are doing what it is that you do.

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The Easiest Place to Find Stories for Your Presentations File

I have heard from a lot of folks just like you (say TJ I love the idea of telling stories and presentations but I do not have any stories. Where do I get them? I am not creative.) Well here is the good news you do not have to be creative. In fact, it sometimes pays to be lazy to plagiarize from yourself, from your own conversations.

The best place for stories when it comes to pitching a new business, talking about a product or a service is to simply recount a conversation you had with a real person, a real customer, a client a colleague, a prospect, a fellow, employee about a particular problem and how it was solved. How you felt what. The challenges were in where you were. That is, it. That is all a story is and those are the stories that will help you be even more persuasive.

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