Nobody Cares if you Feel Confident Giving a Presentation | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

I don’t know if this will hurt your feelings, but I have to put this out on the table. Nobody cares if you are a confident public speaker.

I have had many clients come up to me and rave about how they would love to become a little confident here and a little confident there. While I would love for them to be confident as well, there is still no denying the fact that their audience does not care if they feel confident delivering a speech or presentation.

What an audience does care about is whether you have interesting, relevant, memorable, and useful ideas for them to take advantage of. If you do, then they will love you. If you do, they will automatically think that you are a great, confident speaker.

This is important because if you spend your entire time working on building your confidence then it is entirely possible that you fail to achieve the most important goals of being interesting, memorable, and actionable for your audience.

You will feel confident about your presentation if you just read off bullet points from your slides. But then people will find you boring and be more interested in checking their email. If that ends up happening, what did your confidence really account for?

So sure, you should become more confident, but this is only the first step in becoming a good speaker. Just being confident holding a pencil correctly as a first grader doesn’t really matter if you cannot form the letter A or B or C using it!

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