I Lecture While Deaf and Blind | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

“I cannot see anything- I am blind. I cannot hear anything- I am deaf. The first time I was asked to give a lecture, I was scared out of my wits. My heart that it would stop beating but I found out that people wanted to hear from me. They wanted to hear my message and I went on to a 50 year old long career of lecturing all over the world. My name is Helen Keller.”

Talk about true inspiration. If you are ever feeling sorry for yourself all you have to do is take a look at Helen Keller, someone who could not speak, could not hear, and yet accomplished so much that she did not become a model just for the blind or the deaf but for all of humanity.

How did she speak? She would verbalize and it would be hard to understand because she could not hear herself speaking. She would sign on her assistant or colleague’s hand and then they would restate what it is she said. If you think you have a problem or maybe your voice is not too strong or maybe you are not good looking enough to speak publicly, you have to forget all of that and look at the amazing career of Helen Keller.

Not only for all the good work that she did but the fact that she actually spoke to audiences of all kinds- large and small all over the world for 50 years. If Helen Keller can be a successful lecturer despite such adversities, then what excuse to the rest of us have? Absolutely none!

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