The Most Common Problems with PowerPoint | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Let us take a step back for just a moment and look at the big picture of why things go wrong with most PowerPoint presentations.

Let’s face it, PowerPoint presentations have a lousy reputation. If you say “PowerPoint” to someone, the first reaction of many people is “Oh, death by PowerPoint!” or “I hate PowerPoint”. But there is nothing inherently wrong with PowerPoint. Saying that PowerPoint is bad is like saying that television is bad. If you don’t like the Jerry Springer show you can say that that particular show is bad or maybe certain public access channels that just scroll the lunchroom menu at the local school may be bad but if you love watching the World Cup of Soccer and you cannot get to the game in real life, then watching it on a big high definition TV is great. So saying that TV is bad does not make sense.

When you say that PowerPoint is bad, it depends on how you use it. The main problem is that people have horribly abused it. And here are the main ways they have destroyed it and made it a villain.

First of all, people put in way too much data or text that most people cannot be bothered to read. People also tend to strip their presentation off of stories and interesting examples or anecdotes because they are staring at their slides and reading it so they can bore the audience to death. They do it in such a monotone way that the whole thing becomes a tedious and horrible excuse of a boring data dump and people use it as an excuse to open their email and catch up on social media networks.

Step back and ask yourself: are you committing the biggest and most common blunders of PowerPoint with way too much detail, way too many slides, way too many bullet points, and too much text reading? If so, it is time to reassess what you are doing

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