Is complexity your enemy? | media training

One of the dangers of becoming a real expert in a niche is that it can become harder to communicate what it is you do to people outside of your niche. For example, just last week I had a prospect say “TJ you have the most comprehensive media training program, more books, more videos than anyone, and you have a well structured media training program. But we decided not to hire you because I was afraid that you were so structured, that you would make it impossible for my CEO to appear himself, to be natural.”


This made me realize I had failed to communicate. In my desire to show competence and real depth of expertise I had muddied the waters. I had confused my prospect. And that wasn’t his fault it was my fault. It’s always your fault. It’s always the communicators fault, if the audience doesn’t get the message you intended. I had failed.

One of the challenges for any business and for any communicator is figuring out what is the exact message and way to communicate. If you communicate too little you lose the sale. But if you communicate too much you also lose the sale. It’s a constant battle to figure out what are the exact messages, and the precise way of communicating those messages in the right number of words.

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