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This is a question that I get from live audiences all the time: TJ, how do you remember what to say? The answer is that I don’t. I don’t rely on my memory.

I feel comfortable giving presentations and speeches because I enjoy them and I have given thousands of them. Still, there is a little bit of anxiety that goes on in a speakers brain when they are standing in front of an audience.

The recall process does not work in such a scenario. Frankly, my memory isn’t that good anyway! That is why I don’t even bother to test it and go through the tedious process of memorization. So I just cheat! Maybe you’ve heard this before but let me just reiterate: use notes! I use large font to write notes on a single sheet of paper for an hour long speech.

For these shorter how-to videos, I write a sentence long summarized title. I give some thought to it and process it, I look at the title, and I just talk. I don’t worry about memorizing each and every sentence and thought. I plan it to be a conversation where I address the question, give value, and then stop.

So do not focus on memorizing; focus instead on bringing the idea to life and making it useful.

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