TV and Video Make-up Tips- Look Your Best in Front of Camera

You want to look your best on TV, right? And this is exactly why you want to consider make-up when doing a TV interview. 

Okay, you may ask, “TJ, I don’t want to wear makeup. I want to look natural.” But let me tell you that makeup actually makes you look natural. 

How? You May Ask 

Well, if you’re watching something on a cell phone, you may not notice much difference in appearance. But when it comes to big screens like a TV or a computer, the difference is visible. 

The video camera and studio lights will magnify your imperfections like red spots, dark moles, and that one big pimple. And the biggest issue is your nose, forehead, and cheeks will shine. And it’s true for both men and women.  

So no matter you’re a man or woman, make sure to have professional makeup on when doing TV or video interviews to look your best. 

Here’s what you need to do. 

Makeup Tips for Men

Makeup is not only for women. Men also need to wear makeup on TV to avoid unflattering shadows and imperfections.

Here are a few tips to enhance your looks for the camera. 

1. Apply Mosaic Powder

If you want to keep it really simple and don’t want to change the natural color of your skin, you only need a basic mosaic powder. In fact, the mosaic powder does the job for men. 

Apply it throughout your face including nose and forehead using a makeup brush. It will eliminate shine, absorb perspiration, and keeps your skin tone even. If you are a clean shave person, it will help minimize the 5’o clock shadow. 

If you have no or little hair on your head, you can also apply the mosaic powder to your head to eliminate the shine. 

However, make sure to apply the powder that matches your natural skin tone. It shouldn’t make your skin tone lighter or darker but just give it a little tone and balance. 

You can get the mosaic powder from any drug store. 

2. Refine the Brows

If your brows are thin, apply some dark powder lightly to give them a little definition. Don’t paint them. A little definition would do. 

Likewise, you may want to put some powder underneath your eyes to eliminate the shadows. 

3. Keep Your Lips Hydrated 

It’s good to keep your lips hydrated during a TV interview so that they may not appear dry and patchy. Applying a simple lip balm will do the job. 

Make Up Tips for Women 

If you already wear makeup, that’s fine! But know that there is some difference when it comes to camera or video. You need to ensure a natural and balanced look on camera under bright studio lights. 

Here’s how: 

1. Eliminate the Imperfections

If you have rouges or red spots on your face, the TV camera will magnify it and make it look much brighter than normal. So, you want to minimize them by applying the right makeup.  

It’s best to use natural colors that complement your skin tone to look your best. Having said that, you want to avoid caked foundation because that makes you look sweaty and can be a problem if you get nervous. 

Likewise, you want to avoid heavy foundation because that looks unnatural under video camera lights and leaves red patches on your skin. 

Instead, apply a light foundation that has a natural finish and blends well with your skin tone. Then apply the powder using a shadow brush to flat onto the blemishes, reduce pimples texture, reduce discoloration, and even out your skin. 

And don’t forget to blend your foundation and powder onto your neck area to avoid dramatic lines and uneven skin tone. 

2. Don’t Overdo Lipstick 

You want to avoid wearing wet lip gloss or dark lipsticks when appearing on television unless you’re going for a glamorous, sexy look. 

A wet lip gloss will appear dominant on the TV screen. Though there’s nothing wrong with it, somehow it gives a sort of sexier, provocative look. 

Likewise, you don’t want to wear too dark or bright red lipstick because it will jump out under studio lights and make you look clownish. 

Instead, go for something more neutral and less shiny. It’s best to wear neutral color lipstick shades or a light nude lip gloss to look more natural and professional. 

3. Redefine Your Eyes 

Along with your face and lips, your eyes should also be well defined when you’re on a camera. Your eyes should pop so don’t forget eyeliner and mascara. Use a thin eyeliner and quality, waterproof mascara. 

If you want to wear eye shadow, go for a soft, neutral shade that looks natural and blends well. You don’t want to go for those smoky eyes or heavy eyelashes that make you look like a party girl. 

4. Accentuate Your Brows 

Well-defined brows can enhance your overall look and make you appear more confident on camera. So, make sure to shape your eyebrows in a style that complements your face shape and draws attention. 

Moreover, redefine your brows using a light powder or brow gel that matches your natural eyebrow color. Using a different color will make your brows look unnatural and severe. 

Have a Makeup Kit in Place- for Both Men and Women 

I’ve been to some largest TV networks around the world and they didn’t give me any makeup. They were busy. So, I had to do it myself. 

It simply means that you need to have a system in place for makeup because nobody really cares about you to look your best. You have to take care of it. 

I recommend having a small makeup kit with you whenever you have to do a television interview. It can have:

For men- The mosaic powder, brow powder, shadow brush, and lip balm.

For women- The foundation, powder, shadow brush, lipstick or lip gloss, brow gel or powder, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshade kit.

So, follow these makeup tips to achieve a professional and natural look when on camera. Do you have any other tips to add to the list? Share your experience and knowledge with us in the comments. 

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