Media Training and Public Speaking Training Via Skype Video

The training I am now doing with clients through Skype video is really taking off. Below are the specifics. If’ you’d like a free demonstration, please call me to set on up. TJ 212.764.4955

Skype Training Services include the following

1. Face to Face training/consultation with TJ Walker via Skype video. (Requirements from trainee: Free Skype account, plus webcam, microphone and speakers)

2. Media training consultation will include all aspects of how to look good on camera, message development, answering questions and speaking in sound bites.

3. Session will include recorded mock interviews. (so it’s not just talking about interviews; it’s actually being interviewed and recorded on video and then being able to watch yourself, just like in a real face-to-face training)

4. Session will include individualized personal critiques of interview performances.

5. Public speaking and media training sessions will include all aspects of how to look comfortable when speaking in front of live audiences and the media, how to be better understood and more memorable.

6. Sample speeches and interviews will be given, recorded and critiqued.

7. Each trainee will receive a 4 hour pre-training online course to be completed at their convenience. (this time is not billed against the trainer’s time and there is no additional charge for access to the courses)

8. Fee for service is $XXX (call for info) per hour for all training services. (please note, this includes all time of the trainer, including pre-training calls, emails with coordinators, post-training assessments, scheduling, etc) There is a $XXX (call for details) minimum, upfront retainer.

Please call us today to discuss your immediate media and presentation training needs. +1.212.764.4955

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