Maintenance and Build Program for Presentation Skills and Media Training

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The program is designed to assist clients who have already gone through a one or two-day in-person media training or presentation training workshop with TJ Walker.

The goal of this program is to make sure clients maintain skills that were developed during the in-person training and that the skills are expanded and built upon during the course of the next full year.

The program consists of the following:

1. A monthly 90 minute live Skype video or telephone conference call to review speaking/media opportunities of the past month and the upcoming month.

2. A personalized critique of messages points, videos of speeches and media interviews, PowerPoint slides, speech drafts, and sound bites by TJ Walker

3. Email consultation on all aspects of communication.
Fee: $12,000 for one year.

(Please note, this level of service does not include actual Skype video training, rehearsal or role-playing and recordings–those services are covered in our Online Media Coaching Academy and our Online Presentation Coaching Academy)

Please call 212.764.4955 to discuss if this program is right for you.

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