Speaking Channel TV’s newest PR talk-show Inside Communications has released it’s latest interview with Ellen LaNicca Albanese of CRT/tanaka.
Ms. LaNicca Albanese recently sat down with host Mike Bako at Inside Communication’s studio in Midtown Manhattan to discuss how her firm took on the challenge of promoting two products from Bissel, one of the world’s largest vacuum cleaner and floor-care product companies, and turned it into a PRSA Big Apple award-winning campaign.
Mr. LaNicca Albanese attributes the campaign’s success to CRT/tanaka’s whatcanbeSM process of researching and developing PR campaigns. Through this process, the CRT/tanaka team found that consumers are favoring hardwood floors in their homes, but more than 50% didn’t know how one of the products, an electric steam cleaner, worked.
“We wanted to show a faster, easier, better way to clean your floors,” explained Ms. LaNicca Albanese, “so we decided to go with an educational campaign with five core tactics.”
The full interview is now available to view online. To learn about the campaign’s five core tactics and how CRT/tanaka used social media in the campaign, watch the full interview here.
About CRT/tanaka
CRT/tanaka is an award-winning public relations and marketing firm known for its whatcanbeSM workplace culture and approach to business. Headquartered in Richmond, Va., and New York, with offices in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Norfolk, Va., CRT/tanaka features five integrated specialties – Consumer, Health, Corporate, Interactive/Social Media and its Lewis & Neale food-only division. The agency has been recognized with more than 325 national and regional awards for its strategic counsel, creativity, work place culture and community service. More information about CRT/tanaka is available at www.crt-tanaka.com.

About Speaking Channel TV
The Speaking Channel is the home for all things speaking. There are communities where people can learn about and participate in every aspect of speaking, spoken communication and public speaking. The Speaking Channel’s newest show Inside Communications invites industry pros to take viewers “inside” the strategies and tactics used to develop campaigns that both meet their client’s objectives and exceed their expectations. To be a guest on Inside Communications, please e-mail producer@speakingchannel.tv. For more information, visit: www.speakingchannel.tv

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