Sarah Evans From J Public Relations Talks The Value Of Being A Specialist On Inside Communications

Speaking Channel TV’s newest PR talk-show Inside Communications has released it’s latest interview with Sarah Evans of J Public Relations.

Ms. Evans recently sat down with host Mike Bako at Inside Communication’s studio in Midtown Manhattan to discuss her firm’s continuous success with specializing in luxury and hospitality brands and how she’s kept clients in business during tough economic times.

Throughout the interview, Ms. Evans explains how her firm, J Public Relations, uses social media and celebrity influences to create natural-feeling promotions to rejuvenate old brands and create interest for new ones.

Consumers can quickly tell the difference between a sales pitch and genuine interest, especially when it comes from a celebrity. Because of this, it’s critical for PR firms to find the right celebrity who truly identifies with potential consumers. Once selected, it is critical to use their fame to engage fans or followers through social media to create a back-and-forth dialogue. This is a sure-fire way to build buzz for the brand.

The full interview is now available to view online. To watch the full interview with Sarah Evans and learn more about specialized PR firms and the newest ways to reach the social media audience, visit

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