Never Talk About Your Presentation; Instead, Just Present | Media Training | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

“I was preparing my presentation and slides yesterday and I-”

Time out.

Let’s get real here. Rule of thumb: never talk about your presentation. Do not refer to your or the presentation. Because guess what: this is not your presentation; it is the audience’s presentation.

The audience does not care how you created the presentation. They do not want to hear about the process or the hours you spent thinking and making the slides- just present your ideas to them and give them the presentation. Make it as interesting and memorable as possible.

Nobody needs to know about the process you had to go through to create this particular deck of slides. The audience is here to hear your ideas on the topic on which you are presenting, not on the process of creating a presentation. You only need to speak to people. It is clear, it is easier, and it is a lot less pompous.

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