How to Sell Yourself In a Job Interview | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

What is the most effective way to communicate during a job interview?

For starters, realise the biggest problem that most people have in job interviews is not that they said something stupid or stuck their foot in their mouth- the biggest problem most people have is that they just do not leave any impression on the interviewer.

The person doing the interview is talking to 10 to 15 people and you just get forgotten because you blend in. Nothing about you stood out. Everyone had a good enough resume to warrant an interview and so did you. So how can you make a strong positive impression during a job interview?

You need to do your homework on the organisation. If it is worth that person’s time to see you and it is worth your time to go see them then it is also worth the time to spend a while doing research on the company. But also Google the company and see what has been in the news about them so you can really be up to date on everything. Google their competitors and be ready to talk about it intelligently.

Next, come in with an agenda or strategy. A strategy that I have used with my clients that is highly effective is to go in as if you have already been hired as a consultant. Talk about what you like about the company and why you are excited about it and then focus on one area. Come up with specific proposals on how you think you can help something be even better. The person interviewing you may think that you have taken real initiative and are passionate about the position.

The truth is that the interviewer does not care about you or them self, they care about the organisation and how they can accomplish their mission which is the interest of the company.

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