Obama caught chewing gum | Media Training

Obama caught chewing gum | Media Training

Obama caught allegedly chewing gum at parade in India |Lessons in Media Training

Life isn’t fair. In theory anyone should be able to chew gum whenever they want to. Chewing gum doesn’t hurt anyone. And in the case of someone chewing nicotine gum in order to stop smoking, it can be a huge health benefit.

But there is just something about seeing a prominent political figure on TV or on a stage chewing gum that just looks ridiculous. President Obama was allegedly caught chewing gum during a parade while sitting next to Prime Minister Modi on a recent trip to India. Obama was roundly criticized for not looking respectful. (It should be pointed out, I don’t know if he really was chewing gum).

Former Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards was also criticized in the past for chewing gum at a national political convention. There is just something about watching a grown man (or woman, though no gum-chewing prominent women comes to mind) that strikes people as ridiculous.

The lesson? If you are in the spotlight, don’t chew gum in public. And certainly, regardless of who you are, never chew gum while giving a speech, delivering a presentation, or doing a media interview. Your words will soon be forgotten, but the fact that you looked like you were chewing like a cow will long be remembered and talked about.

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