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Today’s topic: finding your own gatekeeper speaking frequency. What am I talking about?

Everyone can get opportunities to give presentations from time to time. Typically, there is a gatekeeper. If you are a professional, it is the meeting plan of the association that calls you a year in advance and books you. If it is in your own corporation or industry, there must be a person in-charge who decides who speaks- that is the gatekeeper there. You cannot necessarily control that.

But what you can control these days are all the opportunities to speak where there is no gatekeeper. That can mean with your own podcast, your own video on YouTube, or it can be a live video on Facebook. There are just so many opportunities for speaking out to the world these days.

Opportunities with gatekeepers are huge ones as you are nominated to speak by other people but my recommendation is that you also need to figure out a speaking frequency for those instances when there is no gatekeeper.

I have doe podcasting before but I determined that it was not the best format to do what I do. I have written columns, sometimes 7 days a week for years but that was not my best format either. So I am doing video now which I have converted into text columns. I have decided that it is best for me to post one video every day. I will not be recording them everyday, but I will have an output everyday and will be getting feedback everyday.

You do not have to do it everyday but I recommend that you do it at least once a week so you retain your speaking confidence over time.

So you have figure out a frequency of speaking where you have to speak even when nobody is inviting you.

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