What should I do immediately after every interview?

  1. Watch the video of your interview.
  2. If it wasn’t a TV interview, then watch the video of yourself that you created using a Flip or other small, portable video camera.
  3. Write down everything you liked about how you came across.
  4. Make a note to do more of the things you liked in this interview in future interviews.
  5. If the interview has aired or shown, check to make sure that your quotes were on message.
  6. If the interview has aired or shown, check to make sure that the exact, word-for-word sound bites that you prepared made it into the story.
  7. Make notes on anything you didn’t like about the interview, either in terms of style or substance.
  8. Make notes to not repeat the things you didn’t like.
  9. Unless the interview is a disaster, share your interview with all friends and colleagues via all social media channels and status updates available to you.
  10. Write to the reporter and or producer you dealt with for the interview and let them know one thing you appreciate about the story or how the interview took place.
  11. Make sure the reporter/producer’s name and contact info is in your database.
  12. Make a note to contact the reporter/producer in the future anytime you are dealing with a topic that would ob interest to them and their readers/viewers/listeners.
  13. If you are less than pleased with your performance on any one question, then practice answering those questions again while video recording yourself.
  14. Watch your new practice videos.
  15. Repeat the process until you are happy with every aspect of your style and substance.
  16. Relax. You are now ready to be just a little bit better for your next interview.

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