Message from TJ Walker to UNHCR Colleagues

Great meeting and working with all of you last week in Budapest!

Here are some of the things I promised you:

Secret to Foolproof Presentations PDF Book

Public Speaking Success – How Anyone Can Become A Better Presenter PDF Book

Access to my online presentation training course.
The coupon code for this course is “tjwclients.” There is no extra charge to you for this course.

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If you have any questions related to public speaking or media training, no matter how esoteric, please email me at I will answer you in a video in order to demonstrate best practices.

For those of you who participated in the day long training sessions, please send me videos of any of your media appearances and I will send a critique back to you, in a video format.

For those of you who would like to stay connected in other ways, here is where you can find me on social media

Twitter: @tjwalker
Linkedin: Search “T.J. Walker”

If you were not in our training sessions but would like materials on media training, please see below.

MediaTrainingA-Z PDF Book

Media Training Success – How Anyone Can Become A Media Pro PDF Book

(Again, there is no charge for any of these items)

Some of you have asked for info about my public speaking workshops. Here is more info on that.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and great learning attitudes.

Please write or call me if I can ever help you.

TJ Walker

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