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Public Speaking Masterclass Start Learning Public Speaking Skills Today Online

Imagine that everytime you speak or present, you come across as comfortable, confident, and relaxed to any size audience-whether it is just two people, two hundred, or even two thousand. Imagine that your audience understands you, remembers your ideas, and that you are able to influence them to do what you want them to do- whether it is to buy something from you, support your project, or endorse your vote for you.

I am TJ Walker and for more than 30 years, I have gone around the globe teaching various people such as presidents of countries, prime ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, celebrities, and athletes on how to speak effectively. Now, I have gathered all of that knowledge and experience and put it in the most massive online public speaking class ever.

This is my new MasterClass: the complete public speaking class. In nearly thirty hours, you are going to learn every trick in the book on how to be a great speaker.

You can start learning right now from your home or even your office. You can get a discount coupon on the course and I also give you money back guarantee so there is no risk for you. Go ahead! Start learning today!

Tech Requirements for Speaking Abroad

I did it again! I violated one of my own rules and made a blunder which cost me. One of my tips for when you are speaking abroad is that you need to check the voltage, the electricity supply, whether you got the right adapters and if there is the right voltage for your adapters at the venue at which you are speaking.

This happened to me in Eastern Europe. My camera was working fine but the voltage at the venue was different than what I normally use and it destroyed the light on my camera. So I had to scramble around and find some local lighting. It would not have happened had I done my homework.

So my challenge to you is that when you are speaking in a different country then make sure you have checked every aspect on the technology side. It is not enough to have the right adapters only- you have to make sure that everything else works just fine as well. It only takes one weak link for your machines to end not working. And remember: nobody’s going to pay for it more than you.

The Limits of Saying I Don’t Know

Those of you who have kept up with me regularly for several years, even decades, will know that I tell you that it is okay to occasionally say that you don’t know the answer to something you are asked. If you are giving a work presentation and someone asks you something you have no idea about, it is okay to say that you do not know.

The key is to not act embarrassed, flustered, or like you are going to crawl into a hole because then that becomes the most memorable portion of your speech. For things that you don’t know but can find out, tell them that you will do so and then email them. That satisfies most people most of the time. Btu there are exceptions.

It is possible to say ‘I don’t know’ too many times and causing the person you are taking to to doubt your credibility. It happened to me a while ago as well. I hired a tour guide when I was in Bosnia when I was doing some training, and I noticed that about the seventh question in, my tour guide just said ‘I don’t know’. I was asking some very basic factual questions and he continued to say that he did not know any of that. In my mind, that hurt his credibility.

So my advice is for you to find out and give the person the answer. In my case, the tour guide should probably have quickly pulled out his cell phone and figured it out and told me. So do not be afraid to use the phrase, but do not overuse it.

Should You Speak for Free

This question is raised by many aspiring speakers and professionals a great deal. Some say that this should never be done, that doing so ruins the atmosphere for all speakers, and that you will only end up devaluing your own credibility. Let me tell you, that is a bunch of nonsense.

If your goal is to become a Fortune 500 speaker on technology, then I would not recommend you to go and speak for free at every rotary club in town. But here is the thing: everybody speaks for free in certain situations.

If I tell a person who holds the opinion mentioned in the beginning that they are going live on national television on the Today or Tonight show to promote their book but they would not be paid, I guarantee you they would jump on the opportunity. They are willing to speak for free here because they see potential benefit in the form of millions of book buyers in the TV audience.

So while everyone speaks for free sometimes, the challenge for an expert is to figure out what the right balance is. You cannot be so dogmatic about it. You have to look at the audience, the opportunity, what else you could possibly be doing with that time, and then factor it all together.

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