10 Quick Tips To Follow Before Using a Teleprompter

Chances are, if you are an executive at a major corporation, or a political figure, someone is going to ask you to use a TelePrompTer to read a script for a public service announcement, speech or ad at some point in the future. Here are 10 tips you need to follow:

  1. Demand to practice the presentation on camera, using the teleprompter (If they claim there is no time for one practice, then refuse to do the shoot)
  2. Record your practice on video (even if you are using your own cell phone camera)
  3. Watch your practice video
  4. Make sure you are moving your head
  5. Make sure your hands and body are moving
  6. Make sure you vary your speaking speak
  7. Make sure you vary your speaking volume
  8. Make sure you pause occasionally
  9. Practice and review the video repeatedly until you are happy with how you look and sound.

Then and only then are you ready to use a TelePrompTer for your presentation.

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