# 1 Public Speaking Challenge: Getting Remembered | Media Training

# 1 Public Speaking Challenge: Getting Remembered | Media Training

The hardest part for any public speaker is getting his/her ideas remembered by the audience. Standing up, looking competent, and delivering lots of facts, figures and date points is actually incredibly easy.

In my experience as a presentation coach to 10,000+ executives over the last 30 years, most people tend to focus all their energies on the easy part: simply assembling vast quantities of data to deliver while standing in front of people.

Question: What good is that if your audience doesn’t remember anything you say?

None of my clients has ever had a good answer to that.

The solution I recommend for most people most of the time is as follows: have 2 separate presentations.

  1. The typical data-filled PowerPoint with lots and lots of numbers, charts and graphs. This “presentation” you hand out or email to audience members. You must know everything in it and be able to answer questions about it.
  2. Have a second presentation that you actually speak out loud. In this presentation you focus on your top five ideas and you tell stories and give examples and show photos to make your points more memorable. MORE MEMORABLE!!! That is the key.

Of course almost no one gives a presentation that way, which is why I am in constant demand all over the world. Because there is always another boring, unmemorable speaker to fix somewhere.

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