Shonda Rhimes Produces Great Speeches as Well | Public Speaking

Transcript of video
it turns out Shonda Rhimes isn’t just a great TV producer she’s also a good
0:04speech producer
0:12so I’ve had a number you sent me this video clip I’ve watched it in it is
0:16indeed a fantastic speech under rhymes accepting a
0:19recent Hollywood award at awards ceremony out there
0:23gave a speech that is funny its interesting it’s
0:26touching its credible comes across is
0:29sincere it’s modest and yet there’s no fake modesty
0:33me really has everything you want in a speech now
0:36to my eyes it appears as though she’s using a teleprompter
0:40she’s doing it so well would not be noticeable the most people watching the
0:45or in the audience for regardless of whether she is or isn’t
0:50sheen gives you the sense that she is
0:53in the moment she’s thinking and talking at the same time
0:57she’s being fresh is being sincere she’s being
1:01handed sheep o.o apartment it’s not just
1:05oh well thanks this is Britt min
1:09is now thought election put into this
1:14speech parts if it were poetic so
1:17a nap me commenting on it have linked to below
1:20do yourself a favor you might not be a fan of Grey’s Anatomy
1:24are scanned or other TV shows that she’s known for producing but
1:29if you are a fan of that speaking actor gene you
1:32watch this speech

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