Liaqat Amin Satti – How to Handle a Crisis when an Oil Rig is Blowing Up

Liaqat picture March 2014

Liaqat Amin Satti – How to Handle a Crisis when an Oil Rig is Blowing Up

Liaqat Amin Satti is a highly qualified and experienced HSE Executive, Consultant & Educator; who has worked for 26 years in the Oil and Gas industries in the fields of Safety, Crisis Management and Business Continuity. He have developed and implemented Competency Assurance Program and imported training to Senior Executives, Middle Management & Operational Teams.


His work experience encompasses more than 15 countries, spanning four continents, from Desert to the Arctic, from Tropical rain forest to Deep Ocean.

Liaqat’s assignments have included providing strategic and management advice at corporate and senior levels and hands-on practical solutions to operational problems on-site.


He is specialist in designing and conducting “Crisis Management Exercises” to authenticate various industrial worst case scenarios such as Oil Spill, Hazardous Material Spill, large Toxic Gas Leaks, Fire, Explosion, Natural Disasters and Security Threats.


He is a seasoned keynote presenter and speaker in international conferences and seminars on the topics of Safety, Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Excellence of Leadership. He is also member of advisory board for several educational institutions.

Providing specialist Crisis Management and Business Continuity services to the international oil and gas industries, as well as to government and non-governmental organizations.


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