How to Find a Speaking Topic | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

How do you find a topic to speak about? For most people in business and politics, this isn’t really a problem because you have to speak about what you did and why you did it, what you say, or why you are running for office.

But for other people such as students or various other public speaking forums and organizations, you have to really think about the topic you want to speak about. Here is my suggestion: find a topic that you have already spoken about. Something that you know and are passionate about.

Think about a subject that has maybe caused you to get into a debate or argument with a friend, family member or colleague. Maybe it is about religion, or politics, or sports, or even hot yoga. Whatever it is that you care deeply about, it will make it easier for you to speak on it.

If you are choosing a topic to speak on that you haven’t really spoken about before, chances are that you do not care about it all that much and there is little chance of you actually giving a compelling speech on that topic even in a mock classroom setting.

So to sum it up, talk about topics that you have already conversed about. Re-use the arguments that you have used in regular conversations. Do that, and it will be a lot easier more you and more interesting for your audience.

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