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I am going to give some technical tips today for giving presentations when technology is involved. If you are giving a presentation live and you are using a laptop or a computer, get there early and restart your computer. All sorts of things could pop up which are not related to your presentation. So restart your computer and pull up just what you need for your presentation purposes.

If you are using a camera, you should test everything including all connections. If you are doing a Skype speech, do not wait until a minute before the call is supposed to happen to try or check it out. Embarrassingly, I have done so myself and it is awkward having to start a Skype session ten minutes late because I had to restart my computer in order to do a Skype video conference.

Spo technology can be your best friend and a great ally for presentations but if you wait until the very last second, then you automatically enter panic mode when you have to learn something on the spot when people are already waiting for you to begin. That makes a bad impression.

So give yourself plenty of time even if you think everything is perfect, get to the room in advance, do a restart and a test to ensure that everything is right from the beginning.

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