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Pubic Speaking Question of the Day! I have been asked over Facebook: TJ, I recently did a presentation at our Leadership Summit. I was able to prepare but two days later we has a Town Hall meeting and out Chief Operating Officer was asking me to answer questions on the spot. Do any of your e-learnings teach how to answer questions on the spot without having the ability to practice?

I understand what you mean but I would also like to debunk one of your assumptions: there is always time to practice. You could practice with another colleague at the office and tell them, Do not tell me in advance and just ask me a question about this topic” and have them record your response on a cell phone.

It may be that the questions asked in real life are completely different than the ones you practiced but the experience of thinking on your feet is transferable. You will get more comfortable with it.

You also need to see yourself on video because when someone asks you a question you were not expecting, you do not want to be caught grimacing. You need to look relaxed, comfortable, and confident.

So the answer is that you need to practice answering questions with little time available to think and prepare. Answer if you know and simply admit if you do not know. Let them know that you will find them their answer.

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