Are You Answering Your Clients’ and Customers’ Questions? | Media Training | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Remainder: I take your questions everyday. A lot of the videos I make are questions that pop up in my own head but first priority always go to answering your questions.

Here is a question I have for you: are you answering the questions of the people in your industry? You do not have to do it in a video format; you can do it in an audio or text format. But if you work in any industry, there will be people, vendors, customers, clients, and investors, there will be things they will want to ask from you.

Someone always needs to know about the stuff you know about because presumably, people ask you stuff over the phone or email everyday anyway.

So if you want to help your business and develop your presentation skills, I have a challenge for you: why not answer their questions in a video format? It is easier, immersive, and most of your competitors probably aren’t doing it. I know my speaking and media expert competitors are not doing it.

It doesn’t matter how you get the questions. Keep a jar on your desk, tell people to put in their questions, and answer them at the end of the month. Bottom line is that you will develop more presentation skills and your customers and clients will know more about your expertise.

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