Can You Communicate in Any Length of Time Given? | Media Training

Can You Communicate in Any Length of Time Given? | Media Training

Part of being a great communicator is figuring out how much time you have to speak and what the audience’s level of interest is. For example, if someone hires me for a week of media training or presentation training, I have enough content to fill a week. If it is only a one-day workshop, then I have content to fill 8 hours.

But if someone asks me at a cocktail party or business event what the secret is to becoming a great speaker, I give a 10 second answer:

“Practice your speech on video. Watch it. Keep Redoing it until you find yourself interesting to watch.”

You get more out of my 5 day workshop than you do from my 10 seconds of free advice. But the 10 second tip is extraordinarily powerful and will actually solve 90% of the public speaking problems most people have, if they follow my advice.

My challenge to you is this: can you sum the most important things you do in both 10 seconds and in 5 days?

Great communicators can do both with equal ease. Bad communicators can only do one or none.

TJ Walker is president of Media Training Worldwide. You can find his online training courses here.


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