How to Use Planned Ad Libs in Your Presentation | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

How can you use planned ad libs in your speech or presentation in order to come across as more effective and engaging? The key is to say it in a manner that it does not seem to be canned or coming off of a script but instead seems spontaneous- as if it just popped into your head at that particular moment.

For example, when I am giving a presentation on how to give more effective speeches or how to give TV interviews and I am discussing about standing during your speech or media interview, I will demonstrate how not to stand during it. I will stand with my hands behind my back and talk about how that looks like I was handcuffed. Then I will put my hands together and place them right in front of myself, look at the screen, and say, “Ah! Looks like I have to go pee!”. And everyone laughs. Now, it isn’t the biggest laugh in the world but it is still there and it is spontaneous.

I may use this sentence all the time but by waiting a moment and looking at the screen, I made it it seem as if it was just an ad lib. However, if it were on a PowerPoint slide, it would not come off as effectively, people would not be inclined to laugh. But by doing it spontaneously so it seems like an ad lib, you can make this trick work. And that is what you should do in your presentations as well.

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