Guru yoU: how to live your passion, become a world-renowned expert and fulfill your dreams

The USA Today #1 and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author has started the year with a bang. After posting his last two books here on Media Training, TJ Walker brings you his next great innovative book on fulfilling your dreams and goals.


I can guarantee you that my advice can make you incredibly rich. Just take a regular job and save 20% of your income a year and place in index funds. (it doesn’t matter what your income is) Do this for 40 years. Bingo! You will be rich. If you don’t like that strategy then try this: get a Harvard MBA, become a Goldman Sachs trader, then retire at 35 with $30 million in the bank (even if you lost $50 million in the process—thanks Uncle Sam!) Either of these techniques will work and the first one is something anyone can do.

But this book isn’t about how to get rich, especially how to get rich quickly.

This book is written for people who want to live their passion and follow their dreams by becoming true experts and gurus, as long as your passion isn’t just sitting around and watching TV while making so-called passive income.

You might not have web-shaped feet that will enable you to be a world class swimmer or a 200plus IQ brain that will allow you to understand the most complex physics problems of the planet, but if you have a true passion for a subject, an average or better brain and the willingness to work on something for years, then you too can become a world-class guru or subject matter expert and reap the rewards that brings, including the financial and social respect you dream of.

The Internet and the bookstores are completely clogged up with information on how to be a successful guru. Unfortunately, most are completely full of crap advice. In order to sell well, self-help gurus to gurus latch on to some absurdly easy gimmick like claiming there is a “secret” or that everything can be done in “4 hours.” Sadly, experts have determined that the easy way to make a buck in the market of selling information on how to become a guru is to appeal to the “fantasy market” of people who never do anything but fantasize about some better life. These are perfectly nice people, most of whom have regular 9 to 5 jobs, who go to large positive thinking rallies and get “psyched up” by positive thinking gurus. After the speeches, these people are the ones so impulsive that they run to the back of the room and buy the $995 or even the $25,000 DVD kits or learning systems on how they too can get rich or start an internet business or become a real estate mogul. But the very impulsive nature that makes this person buy on a quick whim also makes them the ideal person to never even read or watch the course they’ve just purchased. In fact, these are the people who might even buy the very same course from the very same speaker a year later because the customer forgot he bought the unused course the year before.

 For the most part, writers on this subject have concluded that it’s just too scary to level with people: if you want to be a successful guru or expert, you have to work really hard for years and years and you have to be able to forgo a lot of short-term financial successes to pay for your long-term success.

This book is an attempt to give a blueprint to people who are smart, committed, and focused and who need a little guidance on how to turn their dreams into a reality and are willing to work on it year after year for decades.

This book is written for people who truly have a calling, no a religious calling, but some sort of a calling to become best in the world at something and have a burning urge to help other people and tell other people about their insights.

This book is also full of warnings about the typical pitfalls most people encounter when they try to become gurus and experts. At times I might seem overly negative when I describe the blunders many people make when attempting to become a recognized expert. If I seem condescending, it’s not because I think I am better than anyone whose failure I am describing, it’s just out of pain for them and perhaps recognition that I have made the same or worse blunders myself.

This book is full of advice that is on the one hand hard and time consuming, but on the other hand, easy and fun. For example., I’m going to recommend that you make a video every day talking about some aspect of your expertise and passion and post in all over the Internet—and to this for at least five years, even if you don’t have any direct payoff from it. Producing 1000 videos is hard and time consuming! But if all you are doing is talking about the subject you love and have a passion for, and simply clicking a mouse to start a video recording, this is an easy and fun task too.

If you realize, correctly, that the “4-hour Workweek” is nothing more than career porn and that the biggest secret in “The Secret” is that there must be a sucker born every minute to make such an awful book and video sell so well, then this book is for you. If you read Gary Varnerchuck’s book “Crush It” where he talks about shooting videos night after night until 3 in the morning and you weren’t scared off, then this book is for you.

If you work hard and smart, you can become a respected guru or expert in your field, have an impact, help people, make money and have a great life. This book will help you create this life.

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