BY TJ Walker


It is critically important that you aim to be number one in some niche. Make it specific. “I am America’s Number One Business consultant” doesn’t mean anything and sounds fatuous.


The key is to aim at something specific and create alignment. I looked around at all of my competitors and found they were claiming to do media and presentation training for people of all skill levels and in all industries. I knew that when I was starting out, I couldn’t claim to be number one for all people in all industries—that wouldn’t be plausible. Instead, I selected the following niche: “number one media trainer specializing in training senior executives at publicly traded corporations.”


#1 this was true because no one else had this specialty, so I was the first in my filed but also the last!


#2. This was a credible claim because I had trained a number of senior executives at publicly traded corporations in the previous decade before I started my business as a serious full-time venture.


#3. By being number one in this niche, I made it easier for people to find me and feel comfortable with me.

Eventually, I expanded beyond defining myself in terms this narrow, but by niching myself as #1 in the early years, I helped myself immeasurably.

I am not asking you to just call yourself #1 in a way that makes you sound like you are full of BS. But if you are constantly focused on being number one, it focuses your research, your work, your marketing, your promotions, your website, your business card—everything!


Here’s a quote I have on video:

TJ Walker (Media Training Worldwide) is “…the world’s leading presentation and media training firm.”

– Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Channel Anchor

How did I get this? Jarrett was reading from the teleprompter. How did that get there? I had it in my press release and it got worked into the script. This won’t happen all the time or even 10% of the time, but if you position yourself exactly as you vision yourself, others will eventually pick it up.

Here are two more media quotes I have form well-known and respected media outlets.

“TJ Walker’s single-minded devotion to presentation has made him the #1 expert for executives seeking guidance on speaking to the public and media.”
– Bob Bowdon 
Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg Television

“TJ Walker is the leading media trainer in the world,”


– Stu Miller, Viacom/Comedy Central producer

How did I get these two? For starters, I spend hour and hours doing TV segments with these people—they knew who I was and respected me. Next, I asked them. That’s right; I asked them to say nice things about me. If you have a problem with that, you are unlikely to ever be proclaimed number one at anything.

It starts with you have a vision of yourself as number one in a nice. That leads to tons of works making you great. That leads to you asking people to refer to you as number one. That leads to more people hearing about you as number one. That leads to more people referring to you as number one and it just becomes a circle of virtue that continues uncontrollably in your favor.

And when you are number one, people seek you out, you are more credible, more believable and more valuable.

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