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Public speaking question of the day: this question comes from one of my students at the online platform of Udemy.

He says: “Hi TJ, I am an HR professional with nine years of experience in people management. Coming with an intense exposure into human resources and talent consulting, I am sometimes baffled to pursue my passion which I have for training. The question which keeps coming to me is: when is the best time to start training or get into the field? Does a rich amount of industry exposure count to become a trainer? Thanks, looking forward to learning.”

Let’s address the first question: when is the best time to start? It may sound obvious but I would say right now. Every single day that goes by, someone else could be surpassing you, learning, pitching themselves as a trainer, creating new content for their blog or channel. So if you are interested in training, why wait?

The next question: does having a wide amount of industry exposure help? It certainly helps but I have seen people be in the industry for 35 years and they were never hired to train anyone. On the contrary, I have seen other people just dive in by reading books and researching and getting hired frequently.

So you have to just dive in to gain expertise: let’s not wait any longer!

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