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What Public Speaking, Media Training, Presentation Skills Questions Do You Have? | Media Training | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Thank you for tagging along today, especially to do those of you who come to watch and read my public speaking tips everyday.

I just wanted to turn the tables a bit and let you realize again that this is a format for you as well. So rather than just talking, I want to give you the opportunity to ask your questions. Any questions you have about public speaking, giving presentations, speaking to the media, speaking during a crisis to the media, training, any type of speaking scenario, I can answer.

All you have to do is ask me and it will be answered in a future video. I do these videos everyday so there are no time constraints and I am always looking for new ideas. Frankly speaking, the best ideas do not come from my head, they come from you.

So you can email me at if you want. You can also post your questions on Facebook, YouTube, or on my blog, wherever it is that you prefer to. Thank you!

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