It can happen any time you are invited to speak somewhere or attend a conference or meeting of some sort- you can be asked to introduce yourself.

Many people face the problem where they become flustered and confused about what they should say and what they should omit and end up saying something so uninteresting and unmemorable that the listeners forget what he or she said just two seconds after they have stopped speaking.

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What I recommend is to think about the person whom you are speaking to and decide what it is about you that would be the most interesting to them. For example, if i am at a national speaker’s association meeting where i must introduce myself. I realize that most them are already good speakers but they might not have any experience with the media. This is how i would do it: ‘imagine you are invited to the Today Show. are you sure you will be able to look your best, sound your best, and get the exact quotes that you want? Hi, i am TJ Walker and i help people prepare for appearances in the media and get the quotes they want. If you want any tips on that, i can give you my free book. Just hand me your cards at the end of the meeting’. People remember it, they also hand me their cards at the end, and we build a relationship that way.

The message changes with different audiences. So focus on your audience instead of yourself and then people will want to know more about you.


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