Speaking Channel TV’s newest PR talk-show Inside Communications has released it’s latest interview with Amy Binder of RF Binder Partners.
Ms. Binder recently sat down with host Mike Bako at Inside Communication’s studio in Midtown Manhattan to discuss how her firm solved a challenging problem for their client AREVA, a world-leading company in nuclear energy.
Instead of having the public come to AREVA directly by visiting their plant in France, RF Binder Partner’s campaign allowed AREVA to come to the public to promote it’s recycling efforts.
“We could bring people inside a facility to see the whole recycling process without ever going there,” explained Ms. Binder.
RF Binder Partner’s campaign connected people from all over the world by hosting an event during a Nuclear Recycling conference in Washington, DC. Conference attendees and people watching the live webcast virtually explored the plant, learned about recycling initiatives, and had an in-person Q&A with AREVA’s CEO and scientists in France via satellite.
Throughout the interview, Ms. Binder explains the challenges and successes her team faced with the campaign. She emphasizes how agencies of any size can create quality campaigns that will garner a great deal of publicity for their clients.
The full interview is now available to view online. To watch the full interview with Amy Binder and learn more about RF Binder’s AREVA campaign, click here. For more information on RF Binder Partners, visit and to see take the recycling tour for yourself, visit this link.

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