How can you be twice as good a speaker a year from as you are today? Here is the technique: after every speech that you give; watch it!

Watch yourself give the speech and figure out what you like and what you dislike. Now, when i say watch it, i mean to say that just hand somebody in the audience your phone and ask them to record it. It does not matter what the quality of the video or what the production value is. Simply watch yourself speak and try to figure out what things are working and what are not.

Begin by focusing on just one thing that was less than perfect and make a note of trying to do it a little bit better the next time you practice or speak. Even if you are making half a percent of an improvement by doing this once, repeating this practice after every speech or presentation you give for a year adds up to a compound that proves that you have become twice as better a speaker as you were a year ago.

I am TJ Walker, and i help people use their speaking skills effectively. If you would like help to improve your own speaking skills, you can check out our online training courses, our live public workshops in New York City, and our private workshops as well.

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