Mindfulness in the Public Speaking

when someone says to mindfulness. what do you think? a nice walk through nature, looking at a waterfall plants trees flowers, enjoying nature. maybe you think of meditation or yoga. well all of those things are great but what if you need to be mindful when you are actually giving a speech, a presentation. have you ever experienced this? You are standing up to present and you are welling on the past. “mmm I should have prepared more. I should have rehearsed more. I should have done more research or you are thinking about the future.” “what if they do not like me? what if I am boring? what if I do not make sense? what if I am speaking too quickly?” you are thinking about the past, the future but you are not focusing on now.

 well if you want to be a great speaker, a great presenter, you have to forget the past stop thinking about the future and focus on right now. helping the people you are speaking to your audience members, are you truly focused on helping them? learn something new. remember something new if so. guess what it becomes impossible to be nervous when you are nervous. you are thinking about poor little me. how is this going to affect me in the future. if you want to be mindful as a speaker, you have to focus a hundred percent on your audience. and that is what is going to make you a great speaker

when I am speaking in front of an audience, I am not thinking about it they like my shirt or how is this going to go did I rehearse it now. I am focused on helping them now and you can too with enough rehearsal and practice. so please keep that in mind the next time you speak.

I am TJ Walker thanks for joining me for this tip. by the way if you are interested in figuring out how you can have more mindfulness not only when you are speaking but in every aspect of your life. I do have a brand new online course on mindfulness that you may want to check out so please click the link below.


You Can Achieve Mindfulness

when someone says mindfulness, what do you think? Perhaps a nice walk through nature, looking at a waterfall, trees, bushes flowers, all that is fantastic. Maybe it is about meditation. Maybe it is about Yoga. All of these can be great techniques but let me give you quick technique that can help you right away.

The “Off” button on your cell-phone. The ceil-phone is the number one destroyer of our attention. It destroys our attention in every second of the day. And it robs us from the most meaning moment in life, meals, being with family members, conversation with friend.

Another great tool to achieve mindfulness, the “do not disturb” button on your cell-phone. I am TJ Walker.  I am personal development coach. I created a new course just on mindfulness. How to achieve mindfulness in all aspect of your life. If you are interested please check out the link below. You can see a bunch of video lectures. You can get the course at a very nice discount.


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