How Do You Get Paid to Speak? | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

So how do you get paid to speak all the answer is simple you do not just wait around for someone to knock on your door and tell you that they have a speaking slot and they would like you to speak for a fee.

The easiest way is to have a product or a service that you are already selling. Every time that you speak about your product more people become aware of it. Here in New York city, you see a lot of it with financial asset managers. They use speaking opportunities to get the word out about their service and end up making a whole lot of money through this exposure.

I am not telling you to go and become a Wall Street analyst but I am emphasizing the importance of having a business or brand that you believe in and can expand through speaking opportunities. Your speech should not sound like a sales pitch. In fact, most of it should be interesting and relevant to your audience but part of it should mention how people can get in touch with you in order to avail your service or product.

Do not try to avoid free speaking opportunities where you do not get paid. I am sure you would not mind not being paid to speak if you were invited to the Today or Tonight show. The reason would be for you to gain exposure. Well, let me tell you that 80 show appearance will take much more out of your day then giving a free speech down the street would. At the end of the day, both are giving your service exposure.

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